【How to care】

・Use neutral detergent on a soft sponge.

Do not use cleansers that may scratch the glass (polishing) or with abrasive sponge.



素材:ガラス チタン
Products, such as color and texture variation. Come experience the unique variation in titanium.
Because the color of the glass is decorated in the reflection and refraction of light changes depending on light intensity, such as lighting or sunlight and hit angle.
Material: glass titanium











【Handling notes】

・Glass products for your safety, please use in applications other than.

・Keep out of baby’s reach.

・Dishwasher does not correspond to the washing machine, microwave, oven.

・For easier to damage and get scratched.

・To avoid hitting something hard between the glass and treated.

・A titanium coat may be damaged if a glass is piled up.

・Do not place the hot glass to put something cold and wet.

・Cracks and dispose of a damaged piece of glass is very dangerous, so follow the instructions in each municipality.